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Cool Cars: Reflective Sunshades

Cool Cars: Reflective Sunshades | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
On a hot day, the inside of a car can get really hot. But what if you could keep it cool? We'll find out by testing three cars with different sunshades to see which one keeps the temperature the lowest.


The hypothesis is that cars with reflective sunshades have the lowest temperature inside the car.

Method & Materials

You will park three cars of the same make and model in the sun, one with no sunshade, one with a non-reflective sunshade, and one with a reflective sunshade. You will measure the temperature inside the cars over 10 hours using an infrared thermometer.
You will need three cars of the same make and model, one non-reflective sunshade, one reflective sunshade, and an infrared thermometer.


The results showed that the car with the reflective sunshade had the lowest cabin temperature, followed by the car with the non-reflective sunshade. The car without a sunshade had a temperature that was higher than the other cars.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how reflective sunshades can make a big difference in the temperature inside a car.

Also Consider

Variations: What would happen if the experiment were to be repeated by using cars with tinted glass? The experiment can also be repeated by using cars with different colors and sunshades.

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