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Blocking UV Radiation

Blocking UV Radiation | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
The sun emits ultraviolet radiation, which can cause skin damage and even cancer. To protect ourselves, we can use glass to block out the UV radiation. In this experiment, we will test different types of glass to see which one is the most effective in blocking out UV radiation.


The hypothesis is that car windscreens with tinted glass are more effective in blocking out UV light.

Method & Materials

You will place a wooden box in direct sunlight and measure the UV radiation outside and inside the box. Then, you will place different types of glass over the box and measure the UV radiation inside the box again.
You will need a glass window, a car windscreen without any tinting, a tinted car windscreen, a UV meter, and a wooden box with the top open.


The experiment showed that the windscreen without tinting was able to block off more UV radiation than the glass window. The tinted windscreen was able to block out almost all the UV radiation. This observation stands out as it shows that tinted glass is the most effective in blocking UV light.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting and unique because it shows how we can use glass to protect ourselves from the sun's harmful UV radiation.

Also Consider

Variations of this experiment could include testing glass of different thicknesses, or using a UV lamp and various types of sunglasses to measure how well they block out the UV light.

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