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Temperature and Thermometers

Temperature and Thermometers | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Ever wanted to know how different thermometers measure body temperature? In this project, you'll measure the temperature of water and different parts of the body using three different thermometers.


The hypothesis is that readings using different types of thermometers will be the same but different readings will be obtained from different parts of the body.

Method & Materials

You will measure the temperature of water and different parts of the body using three different thermometers.
You will need a participant, a glass mercury thermometer, a digital thermocouple thermometer, an infrared thermometer, a hot plate, a beaker, and tap water.


The results showed that readings taken with all three types of thermometers were the same. The temperature taken inside the mouth was higher than the armpit's but lower than the temperature taken inside the ear.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how different thermometers measure body temperature in different parts of the body.

Also Consider

To improve the reliability and accuracy of the results, a larger sample of participants should be used. This science fair project may also be repeated at different times of the day to compare the body temperature changes.

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