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Music Science Fair Project

Mozart and Maze-Solving

Mozart and Maze-Solving | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Does music have the power to boost brain power? In this experiment, hamsters are exposed to Mozart's music to see if it helps them solve mazes more quickly.


The hypothesis is that hamsters exposed to Mozart's music are able to complete a maze more quickly.

Method & Materials

You will make a maze using cardboard, glue, and masking tape, and then divide the hamsters into two groups. One group will listen to Mozart for 12 weeks, and the other group will not. Then, you will time how long it takes each hamster to complete the maze.
You will need 6 hamsters, sunflower seeds, cardboard or old carton boxes, scissors, duct tape, glue, a stopwatch, and a meter-long ruler.


The results showed that the hamsters that listened to Mozart were able to solve the maze more quickly than the hamsters that were not made to listen to any music.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it tests the power of music to enhance brain power.

Also Consider

Experiment variations could include testing different kinds of music like pop, rock or heavy metal, or other classical composers like Bach, Chopin or Mendelssohn. You could also substitute the hamsters with white mice.

Full project details

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