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Red Bull and Daphnia

Red Bull and Daphnia | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Let's find out if Red Bull can make the heart of a water flea beat faster. We'll use a microscope to observe the heartbeats of the water fleas and measure the effect of Red Bull on their heart rate.


The hypothesis is that Red Bull increases the heartbeat rate of Daphnia.

Method & Materials

You will separate 40 daphnia into 4 groups of 10 and place them on 4 slides. You will then add 3 drops of water, Red Bull 0.1, Red Bull 0.5, and Red Bull 1.0 to each slide. You will then observe the daphnia under a microscope and count the number of heartbeats per minute.
You will need 40 daphnia, 4 beakers, 3 cans of Red Bull energy drink, a microscope, 4 glass slides, 1 measurement cylinder, 1 stopwatch, 400ml distilled water, 1 eyedropper, and an assistant.


The results showed that increasing the concentration of the Red Bull energy drink also increased the heartbeat per minute of the Daphnia in the solution.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how a popular energy drink can affect the heart rate of a tiny aquatic creature.

Also Consider

Experiment variations include using other energy drinks like Monster and adjusting the room temperature.

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