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Gender Differences in Lung Capacity

Science fair project - Gender Differences in Lung Capacity
Are boys' lungs bigger than girls' lungs? Find out in this experiment, where you'll compare the lung volumes of boys and girls while eliminating the differences caused by size, health, age, ethnicity, and geographical location.


The hypothesis is that boys will have a higher lung volume than girls.

Method & Materials

You will divide the participants into two groups: 10 males and 10 females. Then, you will measure the lung volume of each participant by having them breathe into a balloon and measuring the circumference of the balloon. Finally, you will calculate the average lung volume of each participant and record the results.
You will need a supply of balloons, 20 participants, a piece of string, a ruler, a lung volume table, and a data table.


The results of the experiment showed that boys had a higher lung volume than girls. The most interesting observation was that the boys had an average lung volume of 4,000 cubic centimeters, while the girls had an average lung volume of 3,500 cubic centimeters.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it allows us to compare the lung volumes of boys and girls while controlling for other variables.

Also Consider

Variations of this experiment could include repeating it over a wide range of age groups and ethnicities, or measuring the lung volumes of athletes compared to non-athletes.

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