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How to Make Oobleck: Is it a Liquid or Solid?

Science fair project - How to Make Oobleck: Is it a Liquid or Solid?
Get ready to play with Oobleck, a substance made of cornstarch and water that can act like a liquid and a solid! When you push or squeeze it, it turns solid, but when you let it rest, it flows like a liquid. Scientists call it a non-Newtonian fluid, and it behaves in ways that defy our expectations of how liquids should act.


The hypothesis is that when you mix cornstarch and water, it will create a substance that behaves like a liquid at times and a solid in other times.

Method & Materials

You will mix cornstarch and water together to create Oobleck, then play around with it to see how it behaves. You can try picking it up and squeezing it to make a ball, tapping it slowly or quickly with a spoon, and letting it drip through your fingers. You might be surprised by what you discover!
You will need dry cornstarch, water, a large bowl or pan, food coloring (optional), measuring cups, and newspaper to protect your workspace from messes.


In conclusion, Oobleck is a fascinating substance that challenges our understanding of how liquids behave. It seems like when you squeeze oobleck hard, it will behave like a solid, but if you let it flow, it will behave like a liquid.

Why do this project?

The simple mixture of cornstarch and water is a fun introduction to the complex science of non-Newtonian fluids!

Also Consider

Try adding different amounts of cornstarch and water to see how it affects the behavior of the Oobleck. Add other materials to the Oobleck, like sand or glitter, to see how it affects its properties.

Learn more

You can find additional information and details for this science project here. Have fun exploring!

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Get ready to have your mind blown with the amazing properties of Oobleck! This gooey substance can behave like a liquid and a solid at the same time, making it super fun to play with. But be sure to throw it in the trash and not in the sink after you're done, or you might end up with a clogged sink!
Transform your leftover Oobleck into a dinosaur excavation activity! Keep the fun going by discovering hidden treasures buried in the dried out Oobleck!
Experience the wonder of Oobleck as it undergoes compression by a hydraulic press. As the pressure mounts, witness its inexplicable strength grow!
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