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Geode Rock Borax Crystal

Science fair project - Geode Rock Borax Crystal
Have you ever wanted to create your very own geode rock crystal? With just a few simple ingredients found at home, you can! In this experiment, you'll learn how to make Borax crystals that are perfect for decorating or just for fun!


The hypothesis is that when Borax is dissolved in hot water and cooled, crystals will form.

Method & Materials

To make a rock crystal formation, bend a pipe cleaner into an oval shape, dissolve Borax in hot water, and pour the solution into a bowl or container. Add food coloring if you want colored crystals. Tie a string to a pencil and balance it on top of the bowl, then suspend the pipe cleaner in the solution. Wait 12-24 hours and observe as crystals grow on the pipe cleaner.
You will need Borax, warm water, string, pencil, pipe cleaners, food dye, a large bowl, scissors, a cooking pot, and a tablespoon.


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Create a large geode crystal using borax, food coloring, and a pipe cleaner!
Bring the winter wonderland indoors and make dazzling snowflake ornaments with just borax and pipe cleaners!
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