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Crayon Rock Cycle

Crayon Rock Cycle | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Have you ever wondered how rocks are made? With crayons, you can make your own! By grinding them into small particles, heating them up, and cooling them down, you can create sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous crayon rocks.


The hypothesis is that by using different techniques, we can create three different types of crayon rocks that mimic the process of how rocks are made.

Method & Materials

You will use a pencil sharpener or scraping device to create small, particle-sized sediments out of crayons. You will then press down on the pile of sediments to create a sedimentary crayon. For a metamorphic crayon, you will melt down a pile of sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous crayons and let them cool. For an igneous crayon, you will melt down a pile of crayons until they become a smooth liquid.
You will need at least two different colors of wax crayons, a source of hot water, aluminum foil, and a bowl or container to hold hot water. You will also need a pencil sharpener or scraping device and utensils to press down on your pile of sediments.


By using crayons, students can create their own rocks and observe the different stages of the rock cycle. The sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous crayon rocks each have their unique characteristics that mimic those of real rocks. One observation that stands out is that the melting process changes the appearance of the crayons a lot, just like how heat and pressure can alter the appearance of rocks.

Why do this project?

This science project is unique because it allows students to learn about the rock cycle in a hands-on and creative way. By using crayons, students can better understand the different types of rocks and how they are formed.

Also Consider

For an added challenge, students can experiment with different heating times or cooling methods to see how it affects the final product. Another variation is to mix different colors of crayons to see how it changes the appearance of the final product.

Full project details

You can find additional information and details for this science fair project here. Have fun exploring!

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Follow along how to make sedimentary crayon rocks, metamorphic crayon rocks, crayon magma, and finally igneous crayon rocks!
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