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Earth Science science fair projects

Earth Science science fair projects
Earth science explores our planet and all the wonders that it holds. From the solid ground beneath our feet to the vast oceans and the air we breathe, earth scientists investigate how our planet changes over time, what causes weather patterns and natural disasters, and how we can preserve and protect our environment.
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Geology is the study of rocks, minerals, and the earth's surface. From volcanoes to fossils to earthquakes, geology helps us understand the forces that shape our planet.
Meteorology is the study of weather and climate. It involves learning about things like clouds, wind, and precipitation. Understanding meteorology can help us predict the weather and prepare for natural disasters.
Oceanography is the study of the ocean and all the things that live in it. It involves learning about things like waves, currents, and sea creatures. Understanding oceanography can help us protect the ocean and the diversity of life in it.
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