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Solar Energy Science Fair Project

Sun Prints: Science Meets Art!

Sun Prints: Science Meets Art! | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
In this project, you will use leaves and flowers to make designs on construction paper. By covering the paper with leaves and flowers, you'll protect it from the Sun's UV rays. When you remove them, you'll see how the Sun's energy can change the paper's color.


The hypothesis is that the construction paper will change color where it's exposed to sunlight, but not where it's covered by natural objects.

Method & Materials

You will collect leaves and flowers, arrange them on colorful construction paper, and cover them with plastic wrap so that it doesn’t blow away. Then you'll leave it in the Sun for a few hours. Finally, you'll remove the plastic wrap and natural objects to reveal your unique designs.
You will need colorful construction paper, clear plastic wrap (or plexiglass), natural objects like leaves or flowers, small rocks to use as weights.


The paper’s color got lighter where it was exposed to sunlight, but not where it's covered. By protecting the paper with the leaves and flowers, you can see how the Sun's UV rays affect construction paper.

Why do this project?

This project is interesting because it combines art and science in a fun and creative way. It encourages children to explore nature and their creativity while learning about the Sun's energy and UV rays.

Also Consider

Try using different types of paper or objects to see how they affect the results. You could also try leaving the paper in the Sun for longer or shorter periods to see how that affects the outcome.

Full project details

You can find additional information and details for this science fair project here. Have fun exploring!

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