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Photosynthesis Science Fair Project

Plant's Favorite Color for Photosynthesis

Science fair project - Plant's Favorite Color for Photosynthesis
We'll be testing how different colors of light affect photosynthesis of elodea, a type of aquatic plant. We'll measure photosynthesis by the amount of oxygen produced by the elodea to see which color of light helps photosynthesis the most.


The hypothesis is that elodea will produce the most oxygen when living in blue light.

Method & Materials

You will separate the elodea plants into five groups, each with a different color of light. You will measure the amount of oxygen produced by the elodea plants and record the results.
You will need a 250 ml beaker, a 25 ml graduated cylinder, a clamp, a ring stand, a large waterproof container, 10 strands of elodea, a light meter, four circles of colored cellophane, four hangers bent into circles, a lamp, a 60 watt light bulb, and tap water.


The results showed that the red, blue, and white light produced 1 ml of oxygen, while the yellow light produced 0.5 ml of oxygen. The green light produced no measurable amount of oxygen. This supports the hypothesis that elodea will produce the most oxygen when living in blue light.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it can teach us how colors of light have different effects on photosynthesis.

Also Consider

Experiment variations to consider include testing the effects of different intensities of light or testing the effects of different lengths of time the light shines on the elodea plants.

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Not only is this variation of the experiment fascinating, but it also uses rainbow-colored test tubes that can be reused as a beautiful vase set for flowers once the experiment is over!
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