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Environmental Pollution Science Fair Project

Ozone's Effect on Radish Plant Growth

Ozone's Effect on Radish Plant Growth | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
We're testing to see how ozone affects the growth of radish plants. Will the plants grow better in ozone or air? Let's find out!


The hypothesis is that the ozone will reduce the growth of the radishes due to lack of carbon dioxide, and that the amount that the plant grows will be higher when set in its original air.

Method & Materials

You will gather materials, plant radish seeds, water them, place them in air or ozone, and measure the plants at the end of the experiment.
You will need 20 radish seeds, 10 styrofoam cups, 1 ozonator, 240 g soil, 2 100 wt lamps, 2 big clear plastic bags, 1 roll of scotch tape, 5-10 newspaper pages, 1 ruler with metric measurement, and 1 light timer for ozonator.


The results showed that the plants in ozone germinated slower than the plants in air, and grew slower until the last week, when the plants in ozone started dying and shriveling. The plants in ozone averaged only at 13.1 cm long while the plants in air averaged at 19.7 cm long.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how ozone can have a negative effect on the growth of plants, which can be important for farmers to know.

Also Consider

Variations to consider include testing the plants in a CO2 environment, starting the trials earlier, and conducting them longer to observe the extended growth.

Full project details

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