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        This experiment will show you how factors such as temperature, wind, and surface area affect the rate of evaporation.
        WHAT YOU NEED:

        pan balance

        sponges of different sizes


        plastic sandwich bag


        hot water

        cold water

        electric fan

        jar lid

        WHAT TO DO:

        1. Using the materials listed above, design an experiment to see how wind, temperature, and surface area affect the rate of evaporation. Make a prediction about the effect each factor will have on the evaporation rate.

        2. Next, conduct the experiment using the materials provided to test your predictions. Record all your steps for carrying out the experiment.

        NOTE: Every factor should be the same except the factor that you are testing. For example if you are testing the affect of wind on evaporation rates, the sponges should be the same size, and they should be exposed to the same temperatures. The only thing that should be different is the exposure to wind.

        WHAT NOW:

        Create a chart showing the results of your experiment. Make sure you include the results for all three factors (wind, temperature, and surface area). MRS. BURGESS'S HOME PAGE / OCEAN HOME PAGE / OCEAN ACTIVITIES / GENERAL SCIENCE LINKS / OCEAN LINKS / SEARCH LINKS / OCEAN LESSONS / HELP PAGE