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Oceanography is the study of the ocean and all the things that live in it. It involves learning about things like waves, currents, and sea creatures. Understanding oceanography can help us protect the ocean and the diversity of life in it.
Build a Model of Sea-Floor Spreading and Subduction
Oceanography Science Fair Project
Learn about plate tectonics and earthquakes by building a model of the Earth's outer 300 km!
Temperature's Effect on Seawater
Oceanography Science Fair Project
What happens to seawater when the ocean temperatures rise? Let's explore how temperature affects the pH and salinity of seawater!
Cleaning Up Oil Spills with Elodea
Oceanography Science Fair Project
Can Elodea plants help clean up oil spills? Find out in this science project!
Tsunami in a Tank
Oceanography Science Fair Project
Learn how to make a wave tank and simulate an undersea earthquake to understand what causes a tsunami!
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