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Investigating Cell Responses

Investigating Cell Responses | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
We're going to observe how living cells react to different stimuli. We'll use a microscope to see how the cells move and change when exposed to salt crystals, vinegar, coffee, sugar, and cotton fibers.


The hypothesis is that living cells will respond differently to different stimuli.

Method & Materials

You will observe the reaction of living cells to mechanical and chemical stimuli, observe the streaming of protoplasma in living cells, and identify the relationship between cell response and survival.
You will need a living culture, a compound microscope, droppers, salt crystals, vinegar, microscope slides and coverslips, decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee, sugar, and cotton fibers.


We've observed how living cells respond to different stimuli, and it's clear that their response is essential for their survival. We've seen how they move and change when exposed to different substances.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting and unique because it allows us to observe the behavior of living cells in response to different stimuli.

Also Consider

Experiment variations to consider include observing the response of living cells to different temperatures or to different concentrations of the same stimuli.

Full project details

You can find additional information and details for this science fair project here. Have fun exploring!
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