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Water Pollution Science Fair Project

Investigating Boatyard Pollution

Investigating Boatyard Pollution | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Are you curious about how antifouling paint affects the environment and marine life? Let's find out by testing water samples from a boatyard! We'll collect samples from the boatyard, a boat marina, a beach, and tap water, and send them to a lab to test for heavy metals.


The hypothesis is that the water sample obtained from the boatyard will have the highest level of copper content.

Method & Materials

You will label small glass bottles with the locations from which the water samples are obtained, fill each bottle with water from the appropriate location, and send the bottles to a lab to test for heavy metals.
You will need 40 small glass bottles, writing materials, and a black marker.


The results showed that the water sample obtained near the boatyard contained the highest amount of copper, lead, and zinc, followed by the water sample from the marina area. This proves the hypothesis to be true.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting and unique because it explores how antifouling paint affects the environment and marine life.

Also Consider

Experiment variations include collecting water samples from other locations, such as ship ports or beaches along busy shipping routes, and testing for other pollutants such as oil or organic chemicals.

Full project details

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