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General Psychology Science Fair Project

Anxiety and Memory

Anxiety and Memory | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Do you ever feel like you can't remember anything when you're feeling stressed? This science project will explore how stress and anxiety can affect our ability to remember things.


The hypothesis is that students will be anxious about being on stage, which will affect their memory adversely.

Method & Materials

You will select 20 male and 20 female participants, arrange objects in a classroom, cover them with a blanket, and ask the participants to remember the objects.
You will need 20 male and 20 female participants, 50 random objects, a stopwatch, 40 sheets of paper and pencils, a classroom, 2 curtains, bedsheets or blankets, and an adult assistant.


The results showed that anxiety caused both boys and girls to forget most of the objects that they had seen. Most of the children became nervous once they were told that they were being formally assessed.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how stress and anxiety can affect our ability to remember things.

Also Consider

Variations of this project could include comparing the effects of anxiety on the short-term memories of participants from different age groups, or asking the participants to memorize a speech and speak on stage.

Full project details

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