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Boys vs. Girls: Multitasking Abilities

Boys vs. Girls: Multitasking Abilities | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Are boys or girls better at multitasking? This science project will explore this question by having boys and girls complete a math test while multitasking.


The hypothesis is that boys will be able to complete the math test more quickly than the girls while multitasking.

Method & Materials

You will select 10 boys and 10 girls age 13, to take part in this science fair project. You will have them take the math test and record the time taken for each student to complete the test.
You will need 10 boys and 10 girls age 13, 20 glasses of milk, 40 cookies, 20 MP3 players, 2 sets of Mathematics test papers of equal difficulty, an examination hall with tables and chairs, and a stopwatch.


The results showed that the average time taken by the girls to complete the test while multitasking was shorter than the average time taken by the boys. This observation stands out and shows that the hypothesis was false.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it explores the differences between boys and girls in terms of multitasking abilities.

Also Consider

Variations of this science project could include repeating the experiment on students from different age groups, or giving the students other tests, such as writing an essay.

Full project details

You can find additional information and details for this science fair project here. Have fun exploring!

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