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Testing Antacids

Testing Antacids | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Let's find out which antacid can neutralize the most acid and help us get relief from heartburn and gastritis. We'll measure the amount of acid needed to neutralize the antacid solution and compare the results.


The hypothesis is that all antacids will neutralize different amounts of acid but Milk of Magnesia will be able to neutralize the most acid.

Method & Materials

You will fill 4 beakers with water, mix the recommended dosages of 4 types of antacids in their respective beakers, pour hydrochloric acid into a burette, and measure the amount of acid needed to neutralize the solution in each beaker.
You will need 4 beakers, 800ml water, 80ml hydrochloric acid, 4 brands of antacid – Milk of Magnesia, Gaviscon, Turns, Tagamet, 1 pH meter, 1 burette, 1 bowl and pistle, 1 glass stirrer, 1 measuring spoon, and 1 marker pen.


It was observed that Milk of Magnesia was able to neutralize the highest amount of acid and Gaviston neutralized the least amount. This experiment proves that Milk of Magnesia is the most effective antacid.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it tests the effectiveness of different antacids and helps us understand which one is the most effective.

Also Consider

What would happen if the experiment were to be continued until the pH level reached 3, the level in our stomach? The experiment can be repeated using other brands of antacids.

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