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Fungi Science Fair Project

Growing Mold

Science fair project - Growing Mold
Have you ever seen mold growing on bread or cheese? Let's discover what foods mold likes to grow on the most so we can learn how to store our food better and keep it from going bad too quickly.


The hypothesis is that mold will grow fastest on sugary foods.

Method & Materials

You will choose five different types of food to test for their suitability as a surface for mold growth. Cut each food to the same size (width, depth and height) or shape it to the same size (for coffee grounds). You will place each food in a separate plastic sandwich bag and leave them in a safe spot in your home. You will take pictures of the bags and record any observations. You will measure the size of the mold growth and plot the mold area over time.
You will need food samples from your home that are no longer fresh/needed, such as fruit, vegetables, bread, and coffee grounds. You will also need sandwich bags, paper/pencil to record data, a camera or sketch pad, and a ruler.


It was surprising that the coffee grounds grew mold even though it is not sugary. The bread grew mold faster than fruits, maybe because the fruit has compounds that prevent mold from growing fast, but the bread does not.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting and unique because it allows students to explore the world of fungi and discover what kind of food provides the best growing conditions for mold.

Also Consider

Variations of this experiment could include testing different temperatures, moisture levels, and light levels to see how they affect mold growth.

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