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Glitter Lava Lamp Magic

Glitter Lava Lamp Magic | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Make your own glitter lava lamp and discover the secrets of the perpetual rising and sinking shimmery bubbles that come alive with an antacid tablet, water and oil!


The hypothesis is that combining water, oil, food coloring, glitter, and antacid tablets will create the rising and sinking bubbles in the glitter lava lamp.

Method & Materials

You will fill a jar with water and oil, add food coloring and glitter for extra sparkle, and then drop in antacid tablets one by one. Try adding in several tablets at once for a lot more bubbling!
You will need a jar, water, oil, food coloring, glitter, and antacid tablets to create your magical glitter lava lamp.


The glitter lava lamp experiment produced a fascinating display of swirling bubbles and sparkling colors. When the antacid tablet reached the water it generated colored blobs that rose up through the oil. The colored blobs then sunk to the bottom. The movement of the bubbles through the oil made the glitter sparkle and dance around.

Why do this project?

This science project is unique because it combines creativity and scientific principles with a beautiful display. It explores the properties of oil and water, along with solids, liquids and gases while creating a dazzling piece of art.

Also Consider

Try using different types of oil (vegetable oil, mineral oil) and observe if it affects the movement of the bubbles. Use different sizes or shapes of containers and compare the bubble patterns formed in each.

Full project details

You can find additional information and details for this science fair project here. Have fun exploring!

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Elevate the excitement of your lava lamp by infusing it with the sparkling magic of glitter!
Discover the magic of crafting your own mesmerizing lava lamp masterpiece with baby oil, water and glitter!
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