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Growing Pineapples

Growing Pineapples | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Let's see if we can figure out which environment is best for growing pineapples. We'll compare the growth of pineapple plants in soil, sand, and water to see which one helps them grow the fastest.


The hypothesis is that the pineapple will grow faster and be healthier in rich soil than in water or sand.

Method & Materials

You will need to gather materials such as pineapple crowns, soil, water, fertilizer, 16 pots, and sand. Then you will put 1 crown into each pot 6 cm deep in the soil. Finally, you will water the plant groups every 3 days and take observations every week.
You will need 16 4" plastic pots, 16 pineapple crowns, 1034 grams potting soil, 1040 grams sand, 129 grams fertilizer, 1 250ml measuring cup, 20ml planting food, 15cm ruler, and hard water.


The results of this experiment showed that the pineapple grew more effectively in water than in potting soil, or in sand or soil containing fertilizer. This suggests that water is the best environment for growing pineapples. An interesting observation was that the pineapple roots grew much faster in water than in rich soil or sand.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows that water is the best environment for growing pineapples, which is contrary to what many people may think.

Also Consider

Variations to consider include growing the pineapples in a greenhouse to keep the soil moist, and growing them at a higher temperature.

Full project details

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It's amazing to think that something we usually throw away, like the top of a pineapple, can actually be used to grow a whole new pineapple! Waiting two years for the fruit to grow might seem like a long time, but it's definitely worth it for the satisfaction of growing your own fruit! According to this experienced gardener, planting the pineapple top in soil is the way to go, as it helps the roots adjust better when transplanted and leads to a healthier plant.
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