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Growing Plants from Fragmentation

Science fair project - Growing Plants from Fragmentation
Have you ever wondered how plants can reproduce without the help of seeds? In this project, you'll explore a type of asexual reproduction called vegetative propagation, and discover how plants can reproduce by breaking off pieces of themselves.


The hypothesis is that plants can reproduce asexually by fragmentation.

Method & Materials

You will fill jars with water, cut stems from a geranium plant, place the stems in the jars, observe the cut ends for two to three weeks, and then transfer the cuttings to flowerpots filled with potting soil.
You will need two 1-qt jars, scissors, distilled water, and a geranium plant.


After two to three weeks, small roots can be seen growing from the ends of the stems. These roots continue to grow, and the potted stems mature into plants resembling the original. This is an example of asexual reproduction, a method of reproducing a new organism from one parent.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting and unique because it explores a type of asexual reproduction called vegetative propagation, and demonstrates how plants can reproduce by breaking off pieces of themselves.

Also Consider

Experiment variations to consider include: (1) testing whether leaves affect the ability of a stem to reproduce by fragmentation, and (2) testing whether the type of plant affects its ability to reproduce by fragmentation.

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