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4 Volcano Experiments

4 Volcano Experiments

Build your own volcano model or make a lava lamp, all using science! Explore the depths of volcanos with these science projects!

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Check out all the different volcano projects with complete instructions and videos. They're great for students' science fair projects or a fun way for kids to learn science!

Lava Flow Demonstration
Learn how lava flows when a volcano erupts with this fun and easy science project!
Baking Soda Volcano
Create a fizzing, bubbling reaction with baking soda and vinegar! Learn about acid-base reactions and have fun while doing it!
Exploding Volcano Model
Make a volcano erupt with air pressure! See how tephra (sand) is dispersed downwind to form a cinder cone.
Salt Volcano Lava Lamp
Create a lava lamp with an erupting volcano effect when you add salt to oil and water! It's so much fun to watch this colorful explosion caused by density!

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