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The Chili Cricket Experiment

Science fair project - The Chili Cricket Experiment
Let's find out if chili peppers can repel and even kill crickets! We'll use Bird's Eye chili extract to see if it can repel and even kill crickets.


The hypothesis is that Bird's Eye chili extract will repel and even kill crickets.

Method & Materials

You will catch 40 crickets, grind 100 grams of Bird's Eye chili, mix it with water, and spray it into 4 tanks with 10 crickets each.
You will need 4 empty aquarium tanks with a cover each, a plastic container, 40 crickets, a food grinder, 4 spray dispensers, 100 grams of Bird's Eye chili, 400ml of distilled water, 4 beakers, 1 measuring cylinder, and a black marker pen.


The experiment showed that the highest concentration of Bird's Eye chili juice killed all the crickets in the shortest amount of time. This proves that Bird's Eye chili extract can repel and even kill crickets.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting and unique because it uses a natural pesticide to repel and even kill crickets, instead of using chemical pesticides which can be harmful to our health.

Also Consider

Variations of this experiment could include using different types of peppers like capsicum, red chilies or green chilies, or using different types of insects like the grasshopper or praying mantis.

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