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Propeller Thrust Experiment

Propeller Thrust Experiment | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Ever wondered how a propeller works? This experiment will help you understand how the size of a propeller affects the thrust it produces. You'll use a 12V DC motor, a zinc sheet, a wooden block, and other materials to build a propeller and measure the thrust it produces.


The hypothesis is that increasing the propeller size will produce a larger amount of thrust.

Method & Materials

You will build a propeller using a 12V DC motor, a zinc sheet, a wooden block, and other materials. You will then measure the thrust it produces by recording how long it takes for a shoe box to travel 2 meters.
You will need a 12V dc motor, a piece of zinc sheet, a pair of scissors, 3 wooden blocks, an electric hand drill and drill bits, a protractor, a screw driver and some screws, a shoe box, 4 toy car tires with 2 metal rods for support, a DC12V battery, a stopwatch, a ruler, and black masking tape.


The results show that increasing the size of the propeller will make the box move faster. The hypothesis that increasing the propeller size will make the box move faster is proven correct.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it demonstrates how a simple device like a propeller can produce a powerful force. It also shows how the size of the propeller affects the amount of thrust it produces.

Also Consider

Consider mounting the blades at different angles or changing the rotational speed of the motor. Also consider if the thickness of the propeller blade or the rigidity of the material used to make the propeller make a difference.

Full project details

You can find additional information and details for this science fair project here. Have fun exploring!

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