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Magnetic Fields and Water Flow

Magnetic Fields and Water Flow | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
Let's explore how magnetic fields affect the rate of flow of water. We'll use tap water and salt solution to see if the magnetic field has an effect on the rate of flow.


The hypothesis is that under the influence of an adequately strong magnetic field, the salt solution will have a slower rate of flow than the tap water.

Method & Materials

You will mix salt and tap water, measure the time it takes for the water to flow out of the burette with and without magnets, and compare the results.
You will need 400 ml of tap water, 50 grams of salt, 2 beakers, 1 burette, 1 measurement cylinder, 1 stop watch, and 2 large permanent magnets.


The results show that the flow rates of both the salt solution and tap water are being reduced when a magnetic field is being applied at the bottom of the burette. The flow rate of the salt solution is lower than that of the tap water under the influence of a magnetic field.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it demonstrates the effects of diamagnetism, which is the behavior of certain materials that forms an opposing magnetic field when it is exposed to an external magnetic field.

Also Consider

Consider repeating this experiment at different temperatures, or using different types of fluids like distilled water, sugar solution, alcohol or vinegar.

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