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Molecular Biology Science Fair Project

Let's Glow!

Let's Glow! | Science Fair Projects | STEM Projects
We're testing if bioluminescent bacteria can measure water pollution. We'll transfer the bacteria to test tubes, then add pollutants to see if the light they produce decreases.


The hypothesis is that pollutants will decrease the amount of light produced by the bacteria.

Method & Materials

You will transfer the bacteria to test tubes, then add pollutants to see if the light they produce decreases.
You will need bioluminescent bacteria, metal transferring loop, Hudson River water, tap water, hair gel, 3 in 1 oil, Bunsen burner, sparker, rubbing alcohol, napkin, pen/pencil, paper, test tubes, goggles, and a dropper.


Our hypothesis was proven correct and at the same time proven wrong. We found that the pollutants decreased the amount of light the bacteria gave off, except for the 3 in 1 oil.

Why do this project?

This science project is interesting because it shows how pollutants can affect the environment, even on a microscopic level.

Also Consider

Experiment variations to consider include testing different pollutants, or testing the bacteria in different environments.

Full project details

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In this science fair project video, a student tested bioluminescent bacteria and observed that its fluorescence decreased when flame retardants were added.
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