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12 Good Testable Questions

12 Good Testable Questions

A testable question is a question that we can answer through an experiment. To do this, we change one thing and see what happens. This is how we can discover the answer to our question!

Here are some testable questions, along with the science fair projects that answer those questions!

1) What makes a cloud form?

2) Can drink and food taste different just by changing its color?

3) What makes popcorn pop?

4) Does temperature affect seed sprouting?

5) Does the color of light affect photosynthesis?

6) Does exercise affect memory?

7) Can fruits and vegetables generate electricity?

8) Can you protect a raw egg from a drop using common materials?

9) What happens when a raw egg is put into vinegar?

10) What drink causes more stains on teeth?

11) Can plants be watered with detergent water?

12) What kinds of food does mold grow fastest on?

Cloud in a Bottle
With just a few simple steps, creating a cloud in a jar can help us understand the process of cloud formation!
Color and Taste
Do you think the color of a beverage affects how it tastes?
Popping Popcorn
What makes popcorn pop? Find out how to make the perfect popcorn!
Sprout Success: Soil Temperature Experiment
Can the temperature of the soil affect how fast a seed will sprout? Let's find out!
Plant's Favorite Color for Photosynthesis
Do plants have a favorite color for photosynthesis?
Can Exercise Improve Test Scores?
Does physical activity before an exam help you do better?
Electricity from a Lemon
Discover the incredible power of lemons! With lemons and basic materials, you can create an eco-friendly battery that powers an LED light!
Egg Drop Project: Protect the Egg!
Can you protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from high up? Have fun in this engineering challenge!
Sea Shells with Vinegar
Did you know that something interesting happens when you place a sea shell into vinegar? Explore chemical reactions involving acids and bases in this fun experiment!
Staining Teeth with Beverages
Let's find out which beverage leaves the most stains on our teeth!
Do Detergents Affect Plant Growth?
Can I water my plants with detergent water? Let's find out!
Growing Mold
What kinds of food does mold grow fastest on?
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