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10 Winter Science Experiments

10 Winter Science Experiments

Even though winter may bring cold temperatures and snow, it doesn't mean science projects have to be put on hold! Embrace the season by engaging in fun science projects! You can create beautiful borax crystal ornaments, discover the science behind popcorn, or explore ways to keep your hot beverage warm. Let the wonders of science warm up your winter!

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Check out all the different winter projects with complete instructions and videos. They're great for students' science fair projects or a fun way for kids to learn science!

Sparkling Rainbow Crystal
Make your own sparkling rainbow crystals at home with Borax and see science in action!
Firewood Heat Experiment
Do different types of firewood produce different amounts of heat? Find out in this fun experiment!
Burning Wood: A Science Project
Let's find out how long it takes different types of wood to burn!
Keeping Water Warm
In this science project, you will compare the thermal insulation of air, sand, and Styrofoam to see which one can keep water warm the longest.
Insulating Boiling Water
Find out which materials are the best insulators and how they affect the temperature of boiling water!
Thermal Insulation of Glass Windows
Are you curious about how different types of glass windows can affect the temperature inside a room? Find out in this science project!
Keeping Warm: A Comparison of Clothing Materials
Let's find out which clothing material is the best at keeping us warm!
Precipitation Across the US
Let's explore how much rain and snow falls in different parts of the US!
Snow Pollution
Have you ever wondered what's in the snow? Let's find out by collecting snow samples from different locations and testing them for pollutants!
Popping Popcorn
What makes popcorn pop? Find out how to make the perfect popcorn!

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