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22 Halloween Science Experiments

22 Halloween Science Experiments

Unveiling the science behind the mysterious phenomena of glow sticks, dry ice, candies and even teeth you'll realize there's no need to be frightened! Dive into these Halloween-inspired experiments and unravel the secrets that lie beneath the surface!

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Glow Sticks: Temperature Effects
Let's explore how temperature affects the light from glow sticks!
Fun with Dry Ice
Learn how to make a balloon inflate, a film can pop, and a spoon sing with dry ice!
Earthworms and Plant Growth
Do earthworms help plants grow faster? Find out in this science project!
Rocks and Minerals: Candy Geology
Have you ever wondered what the difference between a rock and a mineral is? Find out with this sweet experiment!
Let's Glow!
Can bioluminescent bacteria measure water pollution? Join us to find out!
Light Up Your Mouth!
Have you ever wanted to make your own light? With this experiment, you can make your own light by simply chewing on a Lifesaver candy!
Decomposition by Soil Microbes
Have you ever wondered how soil microbes help break down organic matter? In this project, you'll explore the environmental factors that favor decomposition by soil microbes.
The Soil Moisture Mystery
Can earthworms and water help plants grow? Join us in this experiment to find out!
Soda and Teeth: A Science Experiment
Ever wondered which soda is the worst for your teeth? Find out in this fun science experiment!
The Erosion of Tooth Enamel
Does drinking soft drinks cause tooth erosion? Find out in this science project!
Staining Teeth with Beverages
Let's find out which beverage leaves the most stains on our teeth!
The Effects of Phosphoric Acid on Tooth Enamel
Does the acid in soda really cause tooth decay? Find out in this experiment!
Glow-in-the-Dark Lava Lamp
Create a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark lava lamp that looks like a swirling snowstorm of colors!
Glowing in the Dark
Have you ever wondered how to make glow-in-the-dark stickers glow longer?
Soap Bubbles in Carbon Dioxide
Have you ever wondered how long soap bubbles can stay afloat in carbon dioxide? Let's find out!
Glowing Bacteria
Have you ever seen bacteria that glow in the dark? In this project, you will streak luminescent bacteria on an agar plate and watch them grow and glow!
Make Your Own Comet
Learn how to build an icy model of a comet, complete with shooting jets!
The Chocolate Rock Cycle
Have you ever heard of rocks made of chocolate? Use chocolate to learn about the rock cycle in this delicious science project!
Rock Candy: Sweet Science
Get ready to become a candy-making scientist! Grow your own giant sugar crystals and make rock candy you can eat!
Starburst Rock Cycle
Make delicious rock formations using Starbursts! Learn how the earth makes rocks in a tasty way.
Colors of Skittles Experiment
Did you know that some Skittles have a secret rainbow hiding inside them? It's true!
Taste With Your Nose
Can you guess the flavor of a candy without using your sense of smell? Find out in this fun science experiment!

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