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15 Balloon Science Projects

15 Balloon Science Projects

Balloons are not just for parties—they can also teach you a lot about science! Have fun exploring different gases inside balloons, powering a rocket car, or creating static electricity. Get ready to discover science with balloons in these science projects!

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Check out all the different balloon projects with complete instructions and videos. They're great for students' science fair projects or a fun way for kids to learn science!

Do Singers Have Bigger Lungs?
Do you have what it takes to blow up a balloon bigger than your friends? Find out if singers have bigger lungs than non-singers!
Exploring Gas Expansion
Let's explore how different gases expand when heated! We'll use balloons and measure the volume of each gas to see which one expands the most.
Caffeine and Alertness
Does caffeine make you more alert? Find out by testing how many balloons you can burst with darts after drinking coffee!
Measuring Lung Capacity
Find out if people have different lung capacities by blowing up balloons!
Diffusing Helium in Balloons
Let's explore how air pressure affects the diffusion of helium gas in balloons!
Growing Your Own Yeast Fungus
Have you ever wanted to grow your own yeast fungus? Now you can! In just two days, you can measure the amount of carbon dioxide released during the growth of ...
Egg Drop Project: Protect the Egg!
Can you protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from high up? Have fun in this engineering challenge!
Balloon-Powered Rocket Car
Build a rocket car that rolls across the floor using air from a balloon!
Solar System Model with Foil, Play dough and a Balloon
Build a mini version of our solar system with planets made from play dough or foil and a balloon sun. Discover the wonders of space!
Build a Hovercraft
Make your own hovercraft that can carry a mouse! Learn how to reduce friction and make your hovercraft fly.
Static Electricity: What's Attracting?
Have you ever wondered what materials have the most static electricity? Find out by rubbing a balloon on different materials and counting how many pieces of paper it attracts!
Fun with Dry Ice
Learn how to make a balloon inflate, a film can pop, and a spoon sing with dry ice!
Static Electricity and Hair Color
Does the color of your hair affect the amount of static electricity it produces? Find out in this fun science project!
Absorbing Sunlight: Black vs. White
Let's find out which color absorbs the sun's energy better: black or white?
Fire-Resistant Balloons
Can a balloon filled with water withstand fire? Find out in this fun science project!

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