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26 Edible Science Projects

26 Edible Science Projects

Do a science project and eat it too! You can do edible science projects like making rock candy, baking bread and exploring how colors affect taste. It's a delicious way to learn about biology, chemistry, nutrition, and psychology. So grab your lab coat and let's cook up some yummy experiments you can eat!

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One Minute Spaghetti
Science makes it possible to cook spaghetti in just a minute! Soak it first, then cook in a flash. Save the planet while enjoying your favorite dish!
Color and Taste
Do you think the color of a beverage affects how it tastes?
Breakfast and School Performance
Does eating breakfast help students do better in school? Find out in this science project!
Sugar Content Change in Apples
Find out which type of apple changes the most in sugar content after being taken out of cold storage!
Gatorade vs. Water: Pulse Rates
Does Gatorade give kids more energy? Find out by testing the pulse rates of seventh graders while exercising after drinking Gatorade or water!
Can We Taste the Difference?
Can you tell the difference between regular and low-fat foods? Find out in this fun science project!
Cooking Spray Showdown
Let's find out which cooking spray works best when baking cookies!
Taste Test Challenge
Can you tell the difference between sweet, sour, salty, and bitter? Find out in this fun science project!
Oreo Moon Phases
Discover the tasty way to learn about the Moon phases using Oreo cookies! Create your very own edible Moon models to learn the different Moon phases.
Chocolate Asphalt
Make your own asphalt pavement with chocolate and other ingredients!
The Chocolate Rock Cycle
Have you ever heard of rocks made of chocolate? Use chocolate to learn about the rock cycle in this delicious science project!
Rocks and Minerals: Candy Geology
Have you ever wondered what the difference between a rock and a mineral is? Find out with this sweet experiment!
Mining Chocolate Chips from Cookies
Dig deep and find out what happens when we mine things out of the earth!
Heat and Egg Coagulation
Let's explore how heat affects the coagulation of eggs by making custards with different heating conditions and egg proteins!
Can You Make Jello with Fresh Pineapple?
Have you ever wanted to make Jello with fresh pineapple instead of canned? Find out if it's possible in this fun science project!
Taste Test: Cooking Potatoes
Do different methods of cooking potatoes produce a different taste? Find out by baking, pressure cooking, microwaving, boiling, and steaming potatoes and carrots to compare the results!
Baking with Yeast
Learn how yeast helps make bread rise and become fluffy!
Cooking Meat: Yield and Composition
Learn how to cook meat to get the best yield and composition!
Tasting the Difference
Can you tell the difference between regular fat and low fat food? Find out in this fun science project!
How Much Water is in an Orange?
Let's find out how much water is in an orange! We'll use a kitchen knife, paper plate, aluminum foil, and a weighing scale to figure it out.
Popping Popcorn
What makes popcorn pop? Find out how to make the perfect popcorn!
Rock Candy: Sweet Science
Get ready to become a candy-making scientist! Grow your own giant sugar crystals and make rock candy you can eat!
Light Up Your Mouth!
Have you ever wanted to make your own light? With this experiment, you can make your own light by simply chewing on a Lifesaver candy!
Raisin Elevators
Have you ever seen raisins dance? Find out why they move and how you can make them dance with this fun science project!
Colors of Skittles Experiment
Did you know that some Skittles have a secret rainbow hiding inside them? It's true!
Swimming Raisins
Have you ever seen raisins swim? Find out how to make raisins swim with this fun science experiment!

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