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6 Recycled Materials Projects

6 Recycled Materials Projects

Explore minimizing garbage and waste and using recycled materials these science projects! Find out how much of your garbage can be recycled or composted, how long it takes for compostable utensils to degrade & more!

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Take a look at the range of projects using recycled materials or centered around recycling. Each project comes with detailed instructions and videos. These projects are not only excellent choices for students' science fair projects but also serve as a fun way to introduce kids to the importance of protecting our environment.

Can I Make Less Trash?
Can you tell which object is better for our environment? Test your recycling sense with this fun experiment!
Trash and Garbage's Effect on the Environment
Let's explore how trash and garbage affects the environment and what we can do to help!
Identifying Biodegradable Materials
Can you tell which materials will break down and which won't? Join us to find out!
Decomposing Plastic Spoons
Let's find out how quickly biodegradable spoons can decompose in soil!
Egg Drop Project: Protect the Egg!
Can you protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from high up? Have fun in this engineering challenge!
Recycled Water and Plant Growth
Does recycled water help plants grow faster? Find out in this science project!

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