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9 STEM Challenges

9 STEM Challenges

Challenge yourself to design the strongest bridge, the fastest balloon-powered car, the most protected egg drop or the paper airplane that flies the furthest with these STEM challenges! Put the engineering design process into practice as you apply STEM principles to rise up to the challenge! These projects are great for group STEM challenges, science fair projects, or even a weekend fun activity!

Paper Airplane Challenge
Let's see which paper airplane can fly the farthest! Fold, decorate, and launch your own planes to find the winning design.
Water Strider Challenge: Make a Bug Walk on Water!
Can you make a pipe cleaner foil bug walk on water? Find out with this engineering challenge by building your own water strider and exploring the science of surface tension.
Egg Drop Project: Protect the Egg!
Can you protect a raw egg from breaking when dropped from high up? Have fun in this engineering challenge!
Balloon-Powered Rocket Car
Build a rocket car that rolls across the floor using air from a balloon!
Comparing Bridge Strengths
Let's find out which bridge design can hold the most weight!
Building Strong Bridges
Learn how to build bridges that can hold a lot of weight using triangles and squares!
Which Bridge Design is Stronger?
Let's find out which type of bridge is the strongest out of three types of bridges!
Parachute Drop Velocity
How does the shape of a parachute affect its drop velocity? Find out in this science project!
Make a Parachute
Learn how to make a parachute and experiment with gravity!

The Engineering Design Process Guide

Learn the 6 steps of the engineering design process to make an effective solution to a problem, an example with the egg drop challenge & engineering challenges and science fair projects!

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