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18 Summer Science Experiments

18 Summer Science Experiments

Summer is a season filled with sunshine and endless opportunities for play, and it's also a perfect time to explore science projects! Dive into the science behind swimming faster, unravel the mysteries of seashells, understand how sunscreen works, and even explore the science behind playing video games. Let these summer science projects ignite your cusriosity that will make your summer even more enjoyable!

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Does a Swimming Cap Make You Swim Faster?
Does wearing a swimming cap help you swim faster? Find out in this fun experiment!
Does Sunblock Strength Matter?
Does the SPF number on your sunblock really make a difference? Does the price of the sunblock affect how well it works? Find out in this fun experiment!
Sea Shells with Vinegar
Did you know that something interesting happens when you place a sea shell into vinegar? Explore chemical reactions involving acids and bases in this fun experiment!
Video Games and Blood Pressure
Does playing video games make your blood pressure go up? Find out in this fun experiment!
Does Living Near the Sea Affect Water Consumption?
Do you live near the sea? Find out if it affects how much water you use!
Fruit Solar System
Explore the solar system with fruits! Pick which fruit represents each planet based on their size, then order them according to their distances from the sun.
Solar System Scale Model on the Sidewalk
Create your own solar system model to scale on the sidewalk and take a walk through space!
Solar Oven Hot Dog Cooker
Make a hot dog cooker that uses the power of the sun! You can use this solar oven to cook other things too!
Swimming Faster with Swimsuits
Do you want to swim faster? Find out how swimsuits can help you break records in this science project!
Sunscreen Soap and UV Radiation
Does the concentration of Octyl salicylate in soap mixtures affect the amount of UV radiation blocked? Find out in this science project!
Testing Sunscreen Effectiveness
Measure the absorbance of sunscreen to determine its effectiveness at blocking UV light and protecting your skin!
Sunscreen Effectiveness
Does your sunscreen really protect you from the sun? Find out in this science project!
Testing Sunscreen Protection
Let's find out if sunscreen can protect bacteria from UV light!
Uncovering Hidden Math in Nature
Have you ever wondered why flowers have petals in certain numbers or why leaves are arranged in a certain way? Join us as we explore the hidden math in nature!
Acidic Water and Zebra Mussel Shells
Does acidic water make Zebra mussel shells softer? Let's find out!
Video Games and Obesity
Do you love playing video games? Do you know how it affects your health? Find out in this science project!
Wii Sports: Training Tool or Just a Game?
Can playing Wii Sports help you become a better athlete? Find out in this science project!
Video Games and Concentration
Do video games help kids concentrate better? Find out in this science project by testing 10 boys and 10 girls aged 15 years on their concentration after playing video games ...

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