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22 Magic Science Experiments

22 Magic Science Experiments

Wow your friends and family with a magic show using these mind-blowing science experiments! There is more than meets the eye with these magical science projects as you learn the awesome science behind each one!

Lemon Juice Invisible Ink
Want to uncover secret messages like a super spy? Learn how to write and reveal messages using lemon juice and a hair dryer!
How to Make Oobleck: Is it a Liquid or Solid?
This simple Oobleck recipe of cornstarch and water is a fun introduction to the complex science of non-Newtonian fluids!
Magical Color-Changing Lava Lamp
Watch as changing colors swirl and dance in this mesmerizing lava lamp experiment using red cabbage juice and Alka-Seltzer tablets. Discover the secrets of pH indicators and fizzy reactions!
Egg in a Bottle
Can air pressure push an egg into a bottle? Find out in this fun experiment!
Egg with Vinegar
Explore this fascinating egg experiment with vinegar that makes a bouncy egg! Discover the science of acid and base chemical reactions and protein denaturation!
Super Hero Egg Shells
Learn how arches are used to support heavy things with this fun experiment using egg shells!
Magic Milk Experiment
See colors magically move in milk with soap! This fun experiment demonstrates surface tension in a vivid way!
Make Plastic From Milk
Did you know that milk from the fridge can be transformed into plastic? How cool is that?
One Minute Spaghetti
Science makes it possible to cook spaghetti in just a minute! Soak it first, then cook in a flash. Save the planet while enjoying your favorite dish!
Electricity from a Lemon
Discover the incredible power of lemons! With lemons and basic materials, you can create an eco-friendly battery that powers an LED light!
Powering Up with Potatoes
Learn how to make a battery from potatoes and measure the voltage and current it produces!
Explosive Elephant Toothpaste
Get ready to create a massive, bubbling tube of toothpaste using only hydrogen peroxide, yeast and dish soap!
Baking Soda Volcano
Create a fizzing, bubbling reaction with baking soda and vinegar! Learn about acid-base reactions and have fun while doing it!
Salt Volcano Lava Lamp
Create a lava lamp with an erupting volcano effect when you add salt to oil and water! It's so much fun to watch this colorful explosion caused by density!
Changing the Color of Flowers
Did you know you can change the color of flowers? With this science experiment, you can!
Walking Rainbow Experiment
Watch the colors of the rainbow magically walk from cup to cup in this science project!
Alka-Seltzer Lava Lamp
Watch blobs of color float and dance in a homemade lava lamp made with Alka-Seltzer tablets, oil and water!
Swimming Raisins
Have you ever seen raisins swim? Find out how to make raisins swim with this fun science experiment!
Dancing Spaghetti
Make spaghetti dance with baking soda and vinegar!
Seeing 3D in Magic Eye
Can you see a 3D image in a 2D pattern? Test your eyesight with this fun science project!
Rock Candy: Sweet Science
Get ready to become a candy-making scientist! Grow your own giant sugar crystals and make rock candy you can eat!
Geode Rock Borax Crystal
Make your own sparkling geode rock crystals at home with Borax and see science in action!

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